Beauty Trend: Foil Nails

Posted by Giovanna

Recently, I’ve found out about nail foils (it’s not a “new” thing, I know!), and was curious to try it out. I am not a big enthusiast of nail decorations with all the designs and add-ons. I am more of a “traditional” clean, cut, file, nail polish girl (is this boring?), but the effect of mirrored finish nails really caught my attention. So, I looked it up online, and found many places that you can easily find this product. It is basically, a really thin foil (duhhh) strip. You also need a special glue that usually comes with the foil as a part of the kit.
When the package arrived, I was really excited to make my nails shine! And so I did! Here are a few tips that I learned while trying this for the first time:

First, cut 10 pieces from the long strip of foil that fit your nail size.

Then, apply a nail polish as a base. This helps the glue stick better and will hide any flaws in the foil application.

Once the polish is dry, coat your nails with the glue. It comes in a container with a brush, just like a regular nail polish. It has kind of a light lavender color as you put on, but it goes clear after few seconds. Make sure you clean around your nails, and leave them very neat, with no excess glue around them!

After 1 minute or so, when the glue is tacky, take the foil pieces and apply one to the top of each nail. You’ll see that the glue sticks to the foil very easily.

Just rub you finger tips (not your finger nail) on the nail, making the foil stick to it. The plastic that holds the foil, will come off with no trouble.

If you see some “bald” spots, get a scrap piece of foil and just apply it onto the spot and it will fill it in.

After all the nails done, make sure to use a top coat (the cheap ones, without the “fast dry”, otherwise it will wrinkle too much), to seal the foil.
I really like the way it looks! And I’ve been getting a lot of compliments (all by women, men hated it hahaha), and I’m looking forward to trying out other colors!

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