Is Your Skin Ready For Winter?

Posted by Giovanna

With winter here, dry skin can be an issue for any skin type. A flawless final look starts with a good moisturizer, not just for overnight treatment, but also as a base for a nice and natural looking makeup. If you want to spend some money, Hydraphase Facial Moisturizer from La Roche Posay, is a good investment, but if you want to save, Ultra Daily Moisturizer from Cetaphil is a great option, since you can also use it on your whole body.

There are a lot of foundation options to choose from for dry skin. Don’t want to spend too much? Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation is about U$11 and works wonders!   Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation is my new favorite, it costs a little bit more, but it’s totally worth it if you want to splurge on a good foundation.

Last, but not least, a makeup remover, that will not just remove all your makeup, but leave the skin nice and hydrated. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes are a very good option and easy to find. For a few more bucks, you can get the Lancome Bi-facil Makeup Remover, which even removes waterproof mascara completely.

There you go,  just a few options for you, or even to give as a gift to friends or family. If you have dry skin, I would love to hear what your favorite skincare products are, so please leave me a comment.

Stay beautiful!

  • La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Legere Intense Rehydration Continuous Effect Facial Moisturizer  – $ 26
  • Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion – $ 9.47
Make-up Remover:
  • Lancome Bi-facil Makeup Remover – $ 27
  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes –  $5
  • Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation – $46
  • Maybelline – Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation – $8

Friday Finds: J.Crew

  1. Bass for J.Crew chukka boots – $149
  2. Sequin bow pants – $495; Jade jacket – $228
  3.  Crystal circle necklace – $135
  4. Cotton-cashmere men’s cardigan – $74.50
  5. Crewcuts girl long-sleeve necklace tee – $45; Pink chino shorts – $34.50
  6. FACE Stockholm for J.Crew lipstick (chili flake is my favorite color) – $20


Beauty Trend: Foil Nails

Posted by Giovanna

Recently, I’ve found out about nail foils (it’s not a “new” thing, I know!), and was curious to try it out. I am not a big enthusiast of nail decorations with all the designs and add-ons. I am more of a “traditional” clean, cut, file, nail polish girl (is this boring?), but the effect of mirrored finish nails really caught my attention. So, I looked it up online, and found many places that you can easily find this product. It is basically, a really thin foil (duhhh) strip. You also need a special glue that usually comes with the foil as a part of the kit.
When the package arrived, I was really excited to make my nails shine! And so I did! Here are a few tips that I learned while trying this for the first time:

First, cut 10 pieces from the long strip of foil that fit your nail size.

Then, apply a nail polish as a base. This helps the glue stick better and will hide any flaws in the foil application.

Once the polish is dry, coat your nails with the glue. It comes in a container with a brush, just like a regular nail polish. It has kind of a light lavender color as you put on, but it goes clear after few seconds. Make sure you clean around your nails, and leave them very neat, with no excess glue around them!

After 1 minute or so, when the glue is tacky, take the foil pieces and apply one to the top of each nail. You’ll see that the glue sticks to the foil very easily.

Just rub you finger tips (not your finger nail) on the nail, making the foil stick to it. The plastic that holds the foil, will come off with no trouble.

If you see some “bald” spots, get a scrap piece of foil and just apply it onto the spot and it will fill it in.

After all the nails done, make sure to use a top coat (the cheap ones, without the “fast dry”, otherwise it will wrinkle too much), to seal the foil.
I really like the way it looks! And I’ve been getting a lot of compliments (all by women, men hated it hahaha), and I’m looking forward to trying out other colors!

Beauty: Summer Waves

Posted by Giovanna – Beauty Contributor

I don’t know if this happened to you too, but when I was a little girl, I loved the way my hair looked after I had slept with it in a damp braid. Waking up, undoing the braids and seeing that I looked like a mermaid with beautiful wavy hair; it was almost like a dream!  Recently I learned a few tricks to get the beautiful mermaid look without having to play sleeping beauty first.  Here’s my 20 minutes to wavy beach hair routine.  Enjoy!

The nice look of those tousled waves, in an organized mess, can be done easily with very few products and tools. The first thing that I do is to dampen the hair and separate it into four sections, spray a little bit of a liquid gel with a good hold level (I usually use Aussie anti-humidity spray) and do as I used to do as a child: braid each one of the sections.

Then I twist each braid and use a flat iron on each twisted braid. Instead of sliding down as we do to straighten the hair, I do it very slowly, part by part, waiting until the hair is dry before moving down.  When the twisted braid is still hot, I twist it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Now apply a little bit of hair spray, wait few minutes then we have to undo all these braids, I use my fingers to separate and incorporate each strand to the other, and it works pretty well.

After you’ve unbraided it, you can see how it looks… ta-daaa!  Here it is, you have a nice beach waves hair look, that you can either use simply down or use it as a starting point for a more elaborated up do.

Be Beautiful, Be Welcome

I’m very excited to introduce our new beauty contributor Giovanna (and her unbelievable flawless skin. Yes Giovanna, with skin as perfect as yours I’m sure you will hear this a thousand times more!).  I asked her to give us a few of her favorite summer beauty products, and here are her top picks. Be Welcome to the Blog, Giovanna!


1. Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 | 2. MAC Blot Film | 3. Redken Color Extend – hair UV protection | 4. MAC Morange lipstick | 5. MAC Sail La Vie lipstick | 6. Benefit Hoola bronzing powder – for daytime  | 7. Nars Laguna bronzer – for nighttime