Kitchen Favorites

Kitchen Favorites { Be What We Love blog}


Hello lovelies! After a well-deserved mini vacay in Arizona, I’m back and full of great ideas, recipes and other yummy things for future posts. Hang in there with me while I adjust myself back from Spring and warm Arizona to the continuing Winter and cold East Coast (where is my Spring ?!?!).

Last week I began our annually Spring cleaning in the kitchen, and after tossing, donating and taking to storage some of my gadgets and small appliances. I got to thinking about all the wonderful things in my kitchen. So, I thought about writing this post sharing my favorites and even dare to say essential kitchen tools. And what’s your favorite kitchen tool?

  1. Laguiole Steak Knives – An essential for any meat lover or really any food and sharp knife lover.
  2. Mini-prep Food Processor – Great for chopping onions, herbs,garlic and also makes a delicious salsa in 2 minutes.
  3. Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards – different colors for each type of food and of course I love the design.
  4. Le Creuset Grill Pan – makes the BEST grill chicken.
  5. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids – great for mixing and the air-tight lids keeps the food or dough leftover fresh.
  6. Garlic Peeler – peels garlic like MAGIC! My husband got this and I was totally incredible, but now I CAN’T live without it.
  7. Silpat Baking Mat – if you bake cookies, french macarons, puff pastry or anything really, you’ll need this! It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny.
  8. Dual Lemon Squeezer – hand-squeezer doubles up to accommodate lemons, limes and small oranges in one handy gadget.

Friday Finds: J.Crew

  1. Bass for J.Crew chukka boots – $149
  2. Sequin bow pants – $495; Jade jacket – $228
  3.  Crystal circle necklace – $135
  4. Cotton-cashmere men’s cardigan – $74.50
  5. Crewcuts girl long-sleeve necklace tee – $45; Pink chino shorts – $34.50
  6. FACE Stockholm for J.Crew lipstick (chili flake is my favorite color) – $20